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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

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I find it interesting that the general population is seemingly treating a girl's reaction to these movies like a no big deal when compared to a fan reaction to Star Trek.

Girl's reaction to Twilight: "OMG!! Bestest movie ever!"
General Population: "I'm glad that you liked it."

Fan's reaction to Star Trek movie: "OMG! Fucking awesome!"
General Population: "Haha...nerd."
That's because us "Nerds" know what it's all about to be treated like fools for enjoying a story not everybody gets..... I've been called a nerd for liking Star Trek as well, but I'm not about to shat all over Twilight fans for what they like just as what was done to me.

This evil cycle has to stop people..... oh the humanity of it all
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