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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

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the first film was just ok. Just saw the 2nd film today, & I found it harder to sit through. I liked the wolf scenes and thats about it. The 3 leads just annoy me. I just cant like them. Also the whole sequence were Bella goes to, was it Rome? to save Edward & they attend that vampire council...yeeeech!

I went to a 1:30 pm showing with my cousin & her son, the theater was full of teenage girls(many of them I assume skipped school or got out early, some were still in their school uniforms.) Every time one of the male leads would take their shirt off or kiss Bella- SQUEEEEEEL!!!
Well no wonder why you didn't like it.... lol.... If I had to put up with that in any movie, no matter how good it was, I'd probably come out afterwards hating it too.
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