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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

England have been seeded along with the normal giants bar France who join Portugal out of the top pot (there was speculation Holland was going to miss out). Now before I say this I HATE France national football team and they shouldn't be there BUT...

The seedings were going to be based upon WC 2002/2006 performance, how you Q/F and world ranking back in October 2009. Unless they changed this normally previous peformance and how you got there are the big ones and Holland missed out on 2002 and made it to the last 16 only in 2006. Yes they had Q/F unbeaten but well they had the easy group out of all 9 EURO Q/F zone groups. France group stage in 2002 and runners up in 2006. I would of assume despite the handball needed to get there the runner up spot ives you enough points to warrant top seeds pot.

Do you think France was left out on purpose to avoid as much protest as possible due to how they reached the 2010 World Cup. Portugal were always going to miss out despite 4th place finish in 2006 due to not being at 2002 and playoff spot to reach 2010 world cup.

My guess is England will get Portugal in their group for irony sakes.
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