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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

First I will list the movies I seen in theaters then at home.

Movies seen in theaters in no pitacular order:

Star Trek (Seen 9 times! I cant help it, this movie is the greatest and the best I seen this year period!)

Transformers (Seen twice)

2012 (Seen Twice)


Ice Age Dawn Of The Dinosors

Night At The Museunm Battle of the Smithsoin

This Is it (Michael Jackson doc-movie tribuite)

Old Dogs

Mall Cop

Fast And Furious 4

And theres many more but cant remmber them all.

Movies seen at home on dvd/blu ray:

Star Trek (I've seen last I count was close to 20 times maybe more since I bought it. I just love this movie!)

Star Trek The Motion Picture (I seen sereval times but can't remmber how many)

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan( Seen many times)

Star Trek The Search For Spock (Seen many times)

Star Trek The Voyage Home (Seen many times)

Star Trek The Final Frontier (Seen many times)

Star Trek The Undiscovered Country (Seen many times)

Star Trek Genarations (Seen many times)

Star Trek The First Contact (Seen some times, but movie got damaged so couldnt watch until got blu ray)

Star Trek Inserection (Seen many times)

Star Trek Nemeis (Seen many times)



Disney Cars

Disney Pocahontas

Disney Princess Direies 2

Iron Man

Marlay & Me

Ice Age movies

Transformers movies

And seen many more but just cant remmber and cant keep up with them.
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