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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

All righty. This sequence refers to a previous exchange in KRAD's Singular Destiny. (BTW, before I forget, special thanks to Keith for providing, therefore, an invaluable resource for this tale. )

If you haven't read the book yet, suffice it to say that Ezri gave Empress Donatra a tour of the Aventine. The Empress was duly impressed, and the two ladies are portrayed as having a great deal of respect for each other.


Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 9

“Captain Dax! I am delighted to be able speak to you again.”

Ezri smiled at the small viewscreen. “The honor is mine, Empress.”

On the screen, Empress Donatra of the Imperial Romulan State nodded her acceptance. “I received your message an hour ago. I take it you are escorting the good ambassador personally?”

“I am. Would you like to speak to him?”

“Oh…no need for that, Captain. I believe he will agree that…logic…suggests that our words would best be saved for the conference.”

Ezri turned to Spock, who nodded in agreement.

She turned back to the screen. “Well, Empress, I actually called to request your help in this trip.”

The empress spread out her hands. “I would be happy to offer any assistance I can provide.”

“Well you see…in order to arrive at your location without delay, we’ll have to go near the Praetor’s space.”

Donatra nodded. “I’ll have the fleet patrol the border in the necessary locations. But…it would help if I knew where you will approach her border.”

Ezri returned the nod. “I’ll transmit our route to you, immediately.”

“Thank you. But…Captain?”


“While I can certainly guarantee your protection from any force outside the border…nonetheless, I must warn you that I’m not entirely certain that I can keep you completely safe.

Ezri frowned. “What…do you mean?”

Donatra hesitated, and leaned closer to the screen. “Captain…what I am about to tell you is not common knowledge, because…as you know, Romulans are a proud people, and thus we would rather not involve other nations in our internal affairs.”

“I understand.”

“To put the matter simply, Captain…we have a pirate problem. A small band of marauders have decided to cause trouble on many of our more vulnerable worlds. We’re using all the resources we can to deal with this without leaving our borders vulnerable, but…understand, should you encounter them…it may be some time before we can render assistance. As it were, that’s why I haven’t sent you an escort of my own—as of now, our resources are stretched quite thin.”

Ezri nodded again. “We’ll be on our guard.”

“I didn’t expect otherwise,” The empress replied with a smirk. “Will that be all, then?”

“I suppose. Thank you for the warning, Empress.”

“Of course, Captain. Donatra out.”

Ezri tapped a few controls, to send the information on their route to the empress. Then, she leaned back. “All right…that should make our lives a little easier!”

“Perhaps,” Spock replied. “However, it would be prudent for us to be on our guard as soon as we traverse the border.”

“Oh—of course. But…that won’t be for a couple days, Spock.” She stood up, and walked to Spock’s console, pointing to a location on his screen. “We’ll be passing by…Station Epsilon 10 tomorrow afternoon, provided there’ll be no delays. At that rate, we’ll reach Imperial space by…the evening of the following day.”

“Indeed. Therefore, we will reach Achernar Prime…?”

Ezri looked off for a bit, consulting her inner calculator—which was contained fully in the memories of Tobin Dax, mathematical genius and social incompetent. “About…eight days from now.”

“Eight-point-two-six, to be precise.”

“Uh…yeah, sure.”

Spock frowned, and looked up to meet her gaze. “As humans are fond of saying in these scenarios…that leaves little time to spare.”

Ezri chuckled. “Well…it’s the best we can do, I suppose.”

The ambassador nodded. “Perhaps….”

* * *

(note:, I actually stopped in the middle of a scene. The reason for this is that the scene undergoes an important mood change in the second half--one which will strongly affect the rest of the story. As such, I'd like to see comments on this portion beforehand--comments which won't be affected by what comes later. )
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