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It is very unlikely that TNG, DS9, or VOY will ever be remastered for release on Blu-Ray. If I recall correctly it has something to do with the film they were recorded on that will make it very grainy on a Blu-Ray player; plus it is very expensive to redo all of the visual effects to support the new format.
I disagree. The quality of film is not a problem, as even 8mm film can be scanned at high resolution and look great.
Yes, but there's the problem right there. No completed episode even exists on film of any kind. The episodes were filmed on film, but postproduction -- all the editing, FX, the entire edited episode -- was transferred to videotape. Meaning all the episodes of TNG, DS9, and VOY only exist on videotape. There are no film edits. We're talking the entire episode, not just the FX scenes. In short, the special FX are the least of our worries.

TOS was simple to remaster. The episodes existed on film, fully edited. They just did an HD transfer and cleaned up the picture. Simple. In order to see TNG and DS9 in HD, they have to go back to the original film, find the right takes of every scene (assuming every bit of film still exists), try to edit them exactly as they were edited in the first place (since the already completed audio, music, and sound FX tracks leave little room for error), add new FX (probably the easiest part of the whole project) and basically put the entire series back in postproduction again. A far, far greater and more expensive challenge than remastering TOS.

The trouble here is how the effects were done. If they were composited on video tape like TNG was, they'll have to redo them.
Again, everything is on videotape. The episodes as they now exist will never appear in HD. The best they'll ever look is the way "Trials and Tribble-ations" looked upconverted on TOS season two blu-ray.
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