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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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The complete series is now $58 at Amazon and the movie is $8.

I already own it (I bought the original ADV releases), but at that price I might just have to buy it again!
I was just thinking, I bought it for 66.00 at Best buy, and the only thing difference I think really is the sales tax. It came out to like $74 or $76 but that included the Miniseries with everything. With Amazon, you're still paying $66 for both but you're just not paying shipping or taxes. With that in mind, I'm glad I bought it at Best Buy when I did, especially since I never owned the original/starburst editions.
Well, I paid about $80 for the first season when it first came out, plus $30 for each subsequent "collection" (5 collections per season) $60 for the entire series seems pretty unbeatable to me.
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