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Re: Least favorite Firefly character

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
I'd say Simon, if pushed. I don't dislike him - he just wasn't as tough as Mal, as funny as Wash, as endearingly stupid and mercenary as Jayne, as sexy as the girls or as enigmatic as Book. A good character but the most straitlaced and least quirky of the bunch.

'Least favourite' is the best way of putting it, as I still like him - just less than the others.
Agreed. I'll call it the Riley Finn Factor.(TM) I was very angry at the end of the movie when, much to my surprise, Simon survived yet my favorite character, Wash, was given one of the most pointless, brutal deaths in cinematic history.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
Book. Wise-old preacher man cliché with a touch of magical negro, the way he just steps out of nowhere ready to pull out whatever skill or information the situation requires. I had no idea what he was even doing on the ship, every episode seemed to have to give him a new function, and I didn't much care for the unresolved secret history thing. Maybe if the show had lasted longer and more of his biography had come to light he would have made a more interesting character, certainly counteract the feeling of the semi-spiritual character with no past, but he was just so bland most of the time.
I thought the actor who played Book did it magnificently. He was always a character that left me wanting more. As for his backstory, the best theory I've heard is that he used to be an Operative. But just like the Operative in the movie, he had an experience that opened his eyes to the true depravity of the Alliance, which is why he left. If he was an Operative, it also explains how he was able to pull out a new badass skill every other episode.
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