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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

I lady friend of mine wanted to see this, for the second time, and offered to buy my ticket if I went with her. So I did. She did this with Twilight also so I've now seen both movies at a cost of $0 to me.

Twilight plays like a bad hybrid of a Lifetime Original Movie of the Week/Sci-Fi Creature Feature and you want to abort it.

New Moon plays much better and the series is moving cinematically in the right direction.

Twilight: C-
New Moon: B

The development of the werewolves was good. I like that they were fundamentally just large versions of wolves and not overtly unusual.

The Volturi and the development of a vampiric ruling class was nice. Actually they were the best 15min of the whole movie, imo.

I expect a real throw down between Jacob & Edward next movie. We got a glorified middle school shoving match in this one.

One word: Alice

The movie just ends, like LOTR:FotR, except instead of just walking away and ending Edward Cullen utters the lamest romanticised line ever. EVER.

Dream wrote: View Post
I thought it was neat how Michael Sheen has now played a werewolf in Underworld and now vamp in Twilight.
Had the same thought. I'm a big fan of the Underworld saga and hope talks of the 4th being in 3-D come about!
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