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Re: "Similitude" : Line-By-Line!

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Geeez HR, I was counting on you to do this scene, and was hoping for at least... Two hundred words... I'm totally disappointed... Ah, well...
Don't blame HR. That'll be the rules of Line-by-Line. I think you really want an episode novelisation more than what's on offer here.

I like to throw in some description here and there, usually at the start of a scene, but really there's nothing to say a poster has to. Look at the other episode games going on, which get done in half the time. That's the frustrating thing about doing this for ENT, compared to the others. Just how much detail goes unspoken or part of an elaborate action scene. I wonder how they're managing with that Line-by-Line for the new film? With so much going on, I bet they leave loads of stuff out.

There was hardly much dialogue during the moment Trip had his accident. So much so, I got lost for a few posts looking at the dialogue alone. Yep, the whole episode stems from that one event and we almost sailed straight past it! LOL.
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