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Re: A Hater Revisits nuWho

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Oh dear, did he mention the Donna's alter ego might say, "How very dare he"

Ok so I do think they make a few too many gay references (most oddly in the doctor Dances which is Moffat not RTD) but it's the 21st Century, a large number of people are gay, deal with it or travel back to the 50s...your choice
Not get me wrong, I'm not a homophobe. Indeed quite the opposite; in the past I've

But no, it's the frequent and obvious shoehorning in of gay things that irritates me. This is pretty much personified in Captain Jack; a rabid homosexual who'll roger anything that moves. They had to make him immortal or he'd have died of STIs 50 times over by now. That's not a good advert for the gay community. Gay people are largely just like everyone else, just of a different sexual persuasion. Putting in obvious gay things doesn't help.
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