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Re: A Hater Revisits nuWho

I used to think I liked Eccleston more, but I think, with Tennant's impending departure, that I'm starting to appreciate him more. They're probably equal. The big difference for me is that Eccleston plays a very different Doctor, whereas Tennant is more conventional. I always compare them to Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Brosnan is a bit of a mish mash of other Bonds whereas Craig is very different whilst still being Bond. That doesn't mean I like one or the other better, it just makes them different.

I doubt Tennant could have played the scene with the Dalek in, er, Dalek, with anywhere near the cold venom that Ecclseton did, but conversly Eccleston could never have pulled off the sheer joy Tennant did when he saw Sarah Jane Smith (sometimes its good to be a fanboy).

Rose, not a great episode but frankly few first episodes are, for any show. It's all about introducing characters and set up, and whilst people might have thought it a reboot, it cleary has been proven not to be. What RTD did, very astutely, is figure out that the show had to gain a new audience, most of whom weren't even alive when McCoy was on the telly (nor when McGann popped up) He started the show with as little backstory as possible but, over time, has added more and more of the wider mythos in. I have issues at times with RTD but you can't fault the guys accumen and I have a lot of respect for him.

Oh dear, did he mention the Donna's alter ego might say, "How very dare he"

Ok so I do think they make a few too many gay references (most oddly in the doctor Dances which is Moffat not RTD) but it's the 21st Century, a large number of people are gay, deal with it or travel back to the 50s...your choice
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