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Re: Your worst injuries

Age 15: Managed to pull a highsider which slammed me down on my left shoulder and hip on some concrete while home alone. No head contact, but I did go inside and fall asleep within a few minutes which in retrospect suggests some sort of trauma, but no telling now. No strength in the left leg for three or four days. Couldn't climb stairs, hobbled around like an 85yo man for about a week. The most interesting thing about this now is that neither parent seemed to take much notice that a 15yo boy can't seem to stay awake, walks like a cripple, and has barely eaten for three-four days. I would think that an ER trip would've been the thing to do after finding out about a kid having hard fall and now can't stay awake, but maybe that's just me.

The other one is about as stupid. I was working in an auto shop and was looking for the timing marks on a fwd VW. I saw what looked like a black plug in the right spot and reached into the "plug" with my right index finger. I was instantly instructed on why you don't go sticking your finger into running machinery but was lucky and it only smashed the very tip. Hurt like hell and kinda took my head out of the game as it were. A friend was asked why I was acting weird and I told him. When the bosses wife heard about the injury she wanted to clean it. She used liquid dish soap on the wound and then left to get some towels right quick. I was standing there next to the sink with the finger stinging worse than the original injury and I started to notice my peripheral vision yellowing and closing in. I remember thinking that this isn't good but I can hold the closing-in vision off because nothing is really wrong and everything will be all right. Next thing I remember is a paramedic looking down at me over the back of the couch in the lounge and asking if I knew where I was. I had mixed feelings about this since he woke me up from a really good dream, but I pulled it together within a few seconds and they left.
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