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Re: Your worst injuries

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You'll shoot your eye out!
My cousin did that when he was a kid. Now he has a glass eye which he used to take out and roll around to gross out the kids. Once it rolled under the fridge.
My uncle has a glass eye and lost it in our pool when I was a kid. I had to dive down to the bottom and retrieve it. Talk about tramautizing

Lets see my "big" injuries. I've never been maimed, thank god.

Age 1: fell face first on the edge of a coffee table while learning to walk and bit through my lip.

Age 5: went sailing over the handle bars of my bike and landed chin first on the side walk. My chin was hanging by a flap of skin and my jaw bone was visible. Took a lot of stitches. My nickname in kindergarten was "the bearded lady".

Age 10: stepped in a gopher hole while playing soccer during lunch and broke my left ankle in several places. At the time, the ER misdiagnosed me with a severe sprain. Years later, when I broke my foot (see below - age 25), an x-ray revealed 6 old fractures sustained simultaneously.

Age 14: fell off an ATC and caught my right leg in the spinning tire. 2nd and 3rd degree burns from knee to ankle, requiring a tetanus shot and several hours in the ER of a nurse picking rubber chunks out of my flesh and berating me for being a stupid kid (she was right). The single most acutely painful injury thus sustained.

Age 16: thrown face first into a brick wall by a solid wood door on a loaded spring hinge, embedding my lower lip into my braces (short term) and killing all four of my bottom front teeth (long term).

Age 20: bit on the calf by a brown recluse spider in my bed on the first day of christmas break. Lost my ability to walk for two weeks due to swelling in the leg. Ended with a dime size hole in the leg I could stick my finger through to the first knuckle.

Age 25: fell on a broken sidewalk and snapped two bones in my left foot. 2 months in a cast, 6 months in a Camwalker, never fully healed. Still in a lot of pain; I may yet require surgery.

Age 26: strangled and beaten in my apartment building. Strangulation injuries and 3 bones broken in my left foot. Only spent a month in a cast and 6 months in a cam walker, but went through a lot of physical therapy. This is by far the most psychologically damaging and traumatic injury I've sustained. Jury's out if I'll ever be "ok" again.
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