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motion capture

behind the scenes look at Avatar is like a crash course in motion-capture,
Zoe Saldana the new Uhura is in this clip

Cameron can basically pick any shot he wants from any angle, and the computer will recreate the scene.
see the video here: Length: 9:22

I promise you it pays off around 4:03 when you get to see a side-by-side break down of Zoe Saldana flipping out as herself, and as her alien character Neytiri. I think I've watched that part 30 times

Perhaps in a couple years it would be feasible to do all motion capture and CGI in HD for a series?
Could it be possible to use motion capture data and then render it out much faster in HD rather than 'Mr.-Perfection'-James-Cameron-style-of-rendering-for-3-D for a Trek CGI animated series?

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