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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

And now...the beginning of their journey. Enjoy!

Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 8

The doors of the main shuttlebay opened to reveal the stars beyond. Ezri pressed the proper controls, and the runabout lifted off, flying through the force field…into the vacuum of space.

She hit the companel. “Dax to Aventine: We have successfully lifted off. You may proceed to Starbase 343.”

Sam’s voice responded, “Acknowledged. And Captain?”

“Yes, Commander?”

A pause, then: “Godspeed…and good luck.”

Ezri nodded. “To both of us. Dax out.”

Looking out the window, she saw the Aventine turn away—and jump to warp, leaving the runabout alone among the stars.

She turned to Spock. “Ready?”

Spock nodded, pressing the controls on the navigation panel. “Course now set for Achernar Prime.”

Ezri turned to her own console. “Going to warp.”

As the warp field took hold, the ship gave a slight lurch forward.

Ezri clutched the handlebar on the edge of the console for a few seconds, to steady herself. Please…not after all these years….

Fortunately, the brief feeling of queasiness disappeared. She leaned back with relief. “The inertial dampeners must be a little off.”

Spock frowned. “Will it be a problem?”

“Not really, Spock. But…” Ezri gave him a nervous smile, “I might throw up on you.”

“Indeed. You are…spacesick, I gather?”

“You could say that. Torias Dax was involved in a shuttle accident that claimed his life. As a result, for much of my first year as a host to the symbiont…well, I sometimes got queasy during rough rides in small ships.”

“I…assume from your use of the past tense that you have overcome this problem.”

Ezri shrugged. “For the most part. But, still…there are times when…if the ride is especially rough…”

Spock nodded. “I see. I shall thus endeavor to…maintain a safe distance in such situations.”

Ezri chuckled. “That’s probably a good idea.”

Spock looked off for a moment. “I recall…an associate of mine had a similar problem—but it, too, was quickly overcome.”


Spock nodded, and a small smile hinted on his face. “He…managed to replace it with a most…illogical phobia of transporters.”

Ah…” Ezri nodded. “Dr. Leonard McCoy, wasn’t it?”


“You know…I met him once, when he was a student.”

Spock frowned at her in confusion—and Ezri realized her mistake.

“Or at least…Emony Dax met him.”

“Ah. Of course.”

Ezri leaned back again, smiling. “I remember…even then, she could tell he was going to be a wonderful doctor.”


“He…had the hands of a surgeon….”

Spock stared at her.

Ezri’s smile grew.

Spock finally found his voice. “Fascinating….”

Ezri laughed. “Yes, it was….”

She straightened up, and pressed a few more controls on the helm console. “That should keep us going smoothly until we reach our destination…” as she turned her seat to face him, “…so let’s talk some more.”

“Of course. Is…there anything in particular you wish to discuss?”

Ezri frowned. “Well…I was wondering…what’s your meeting with Donatra going to be about—out of curiosity?”

Spock paused. “I…made it a point not to discuss it on your ship…for the reason that I would prefer not to risk such information being…‘spread around’.”

“Well…it’s just the two of us here, Spock. I don’t think there’s any risk of that now.”

Spock hesitated once again, but finally relented. “Captain…you are aware of my…personal mission within the Romulan Star Empire for the past thirteen years?”

Ezri nodded. “You’re…working to help the Romulan people become more open to Vulcan ideas…in the hopes that one day, Romulans and Vulcans can make peace…and maybe even reunify.”

“Precisely, Captain.”

Ezri shook her head. “I’d guess the Typhon Pact didn’t help matters any, did it?”

That…is an understatement. The new alliance has…resulted in an increase in the already considerable distrust towards the Federation—and therefore, the unification movement is suffering…a great deal of hostility.”

Ezri had a feeling she knew the answer to her next question—but she wanted to confirm it. “So…what does this have to do with Donatra?”

“The Empress is…unique. I have heard a great deal of her. As I recall, her rebellion, and her forming of the Imperial Romulan State, was due in part to her contempt for Praetor Tal’Aura, and those who follow her. And of course…she is a strong advocate for a lasting peace with the Federation and its allies.”

Ezri nodded. “That’s why she joined the Khitomer Alliance.”

“Of course. Therefore…I believe I can convince her to grant asylum to the members of the movement. Perhaps we can…continue our work among her worlds, without fear of hindrance from the government.”

“And…you were desperate to meet her as early as possible, because…?”

Spock looked off…and actually sighed. “I do not wish to…allow time lost to result in…an unfortunate loss of life, for those members of the movement currently still within the borders of the Empire.”

Ezri stared at him, stunned, as the implications came to her. My… Tal’Aura’s actually going to… “Spock…is it really that bad?”

“It is…only a matter of time.”

Ezri looked down for a moment. “If…if there’s anything I can do to help…”

Spock turned to her. “You have already assisted me a great deal, Captain. I do not wish to impose upon your duties any further.”

Ezri looked up. “I’m already here, Ambassador. I might as well assist you in any way I can.”

“As you wish, but…respectfully, I fail to see how you can possibly assist…”

Ezri smiled, as a thought came to her. “Well…I think we can come up with something….”

* * *
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