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Re: A Hater Revisits nuWho

I have to disagree with a lot of your assessment of Eccleston. I love his Doctor, and find that the actor brought far more originality to the role than anyone since Tom Baker. But, hey, that's just a personal opinion on the character. I, too, think ROSE is an average episode. And, I dislike the re-balancing of Doctor Who into a two-lead show. The Doctor is always, always going to be far more interesting to me than any of the companions. So, I want more time devoted to him than her. However, I think you will find that many aspects shift with changing Doctors, and that Eccleston is not nearly as bad as you think he is in the role. There are some damn incredible moments coming up for you. I would ask that, as another Classic fan, to open your mind and try not to compare it too harshly against the love of the old show. If that were the case, there would be a LOT of fans who wouldn't tune in...
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