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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

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A human genetic engineering program isn't cheap or easy to conceal, though. I mean, who ran it, Hugo Drax?
Pretty much someone like Hugo Drax did run it; that's the premise of the novels, since it was like James Bond skewed 360 degrees. Plus, it had been going on for a loong time.

The secret program/few Augments paradigm I just can't truck with. To be effective, there would have had to have been hundreds of millions of them. A few thousand guys with trebled strength and doubled intelligence? So what, they aren't bulletproof. How do you seize power in (what was it?) forty nations with a few thousand guys?
Again, it's all explained in the novels. They were going to launch missiles full of flesh-eating bacteria all over the globe, just like Hugo Drax was goint to launch globes full of deadly gas all over Earth in Moonraker-after the human race had died out, they would have cloned enough Augments to repopulate the world.

To be viable, Augments have to have a large presence in the population. Frankly, I think that's more interesting anyway, in that it elevates the Augies beyond supervillains.
As I said, you have to read the novel (and the spoiler I've presented.) Then you'll get what I and Mr. Cox are trying to tell you.
This negates the fact that if the war was secret nobody would even know Khan existed let alone three hundred years later. He needs to be infamous. In order for Khan to work he must have a lasting and persistent presence in history like Hitler. "Never again!"
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