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Re: TV series on Blu-ray?

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You guys rock! Thank y'all for responding. I've been wanting to get ENT and VOY DVDs but then I got a big screen HDTV with Blu-ray finally so I thought I should wait for Blu-ray version. But the wait is unbearable!! I just bought both the original series and TNG movie sets on Black Friday. So that means the movies were officially converted properly to Blu-ray format?

Also, a few months ago the prices on ENT and VOY on Amazon were like $200 and now it's $300 per set at least. I wonder if it's the rise of public interest in Star Trek. I guess I better wait for Blu-ray someday...
I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and they have all the TV series on dvd's. I did see Voyager,DS9,TNG and TOS, but I didn't see ENT. And the prices for each one wasn't $200 or $300, I think most were around $60 to $100. I know they had a % off on the regular price for TNG seasons 1-7 each. I was tempted to buy TNG season 1 on dvd, because its my other favorite show besides TOS. I have Season 1&2 of TOS on blu ray and plan on getting season 3 when it comes out. So after that I was planning on buying all seasons of TNG. I was and still hopping they plan to release TNG on blu ray like they did with TOS. But I just dont if its gonna happen or not. So I was almost tempted to start buying TNG on dvd when I was at Barnes & Noble. But I started thinking what if they release it on blu ray? I asked my husband about it and did say I would hate to spend that money on the dvd and if they release a blu ray of it. So now Im on a delema if I should go ahead and buy it or not. So I know the delema your having. I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.
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