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Re: Comic book questions and other ramblings (Possible Spoilers)

Galactus wrote: View Post
Isn't Christopher Kent suppose to be like a kid or did I miss something.
His body ages suddenly and rapidly.

Flamebird is Supergirl's sister?
Adopted sister, in a way.

Superboy is back right?
When Connor died in Infinite Crisis, he was put in the same Kryptonian regeneration chamber that Superman was put in after he died at Doomsday's hands. But because Connor wasn't fully Kryptonian, his cells didn't recharge as quickly. It took a thousand years, and Connor was released from the chamber in the 31st century in Legion of Three Worlds. Whereupon he laid the smack down on Superboy-Prime.

And Impulse/Kid Flash became the new Flash and then Barry came back?
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