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Re: Comic book questions and other ramblings (Possible Spoilers)

As amazing as this sounds, I have never read a Star Trek comic book. Not one single one. I really only like super powered super hero comics. Star Trek just seemed like it would be too slow or something in the comic.

Yeah I keep an eye on what's going on but I just these comics just don't do it for me. I like my heroes larger than life, not everyday people. I don't like my super-villains saving the planet and being given control of everything. I like my heroes to be heroes, not people with problems doing whatever.

I will take a look at that Jack Staff comic. Ok more questions?
Isn't Christopher Kent suppose to be like a kid or did I miss something. Flamebird is Supergirl's sister? Superboy is back right? And Impulse/Kid Flash became the new Flash and then Barry came back?

As someone already said, DC is definitely too crowded. And does everyone in Marvel now have an illegimate son. Son of Wolverine, Son of Hulk, where is the Son of Captain America? Are they ever going to get rid of Sentry. Oh and when did Quasare become a homosexual woman?
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