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Re: Your worst injuries

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I think we had a VIP pass to the local ER when I was a kid!

My poor parents. Tallied up, I think they spent a full month in the ER waiting on me to get put back together.

Complications during at home recovery after surgery + quack doctor = at least 5 trips to the emergency room within four weeks after the surgery and a month in the hospital after his partner fixed the problem.

Injury wise:

-Dropped a trailer on my left hand while loading a car onto it.
-Had my right hand caught in car/truck doors twice, requiring surgery to repair it once.
-Did a faceplant over a curb into asphalt requiring stitches while out on a double date
-3rd degree burn to the palm of my hand when someone called my name behind me while I was teaching my fry cook how to clean the flat grill
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