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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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Liza Lapira as T'Ryssa Chen
Liza plays "Ivy" (Topher's sidekick) on Dollhouse (and has played the much more serious Agent Lee on NCIS), so I think she has the right blend of youthfulness and maturity to play Tryss (considering that Tryss, despite her behaviour, is old enough to be an officer).
Hmm, I see what you're going for. Doesn't work for me, but she's more in the ballpark than most of the suggestions I've heard.

Ron Glass as Hegol Den
A counselor closer to Picard's age, who's more apt to sit down over a friendly cup of tea than try to clinically psychoanalyze someone. He's basically Firefly's Shepherd Book as a Bajoran. Considering that he would've worked with the Resistance (or at the very least lived through the Occupation) lends a certain darkness to his backstory, also evoking the "good" Shepherd-who-knows-an-awful-lot-about-crime.
I based Hegol on the late Stanley Kamel, but Glass is a good choice.

Morena Baccarin as Treir
Someone elegant, radiant, seductive, erudite, with the sharp wits necessary to go toe-to-toe with Quark at his own game. Just paint her green and she's basically playing Inara, her role from Firefly, all over again.
Nice idea, except Treir's supposed to be really tall and Baccarin's just a moderately-above-average five foot seven and a half.

Kelsey Grammer as Mor glasch Tev
Even at his most pompous, Charles Winchester was never as thoroughly abrasive as Tev, who reminds me more of Frasier Crane after he's built himself up to one of his (self-)righteous tirades.
An interesting choice. He does have just as terrific a voice as Stiers (or the other leading candidate, John Rhys-Davies). He'd have to put on a fair amount of weight, though.

Michael "Thor" Shanks voicing Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv
Yes, that's Michael Shanks voicing Thor. Something about his overly-enunciated diction makes me think of brilliant-yet-socially-awkward Torvig, who is not used to actually communicating with people.
Hmm, no, Torvig doesn't talk like Thor. His speech would be faster, more enthusiastic and informal -- boyish, though in a relatively unemotional way. Come to think of it, he's closer to Daniel Jackson than to Thor. So Shanks could probably pull it off, but not with his Thor voice.

Hugh Laurie as Pral glasch Haaj
His "argument therapy" sounds like a conversation with House. Plus he's described as unusually tall and thin for a Tellarite, and I can picture a Tellarite rocking the "unshaven" look, making him a better fit than Cambridge.
Interesting idea. I actually modelled the character on John Cleese, and Laurie is a similar type.
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