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Re: Who will Deb hook up by the end of the show? Quinn or Masuka? (Dex

Dearly damaged, ditzy Debra. I can't wait for season four, I just can't. I want to know what the next chapter in her screwed up love life is all about (fun times, I'll bet!)

I can't see Masuka dating her ever, but hey, I could be wrong. I'm still a Doakes/Debra shipper, in defiance of all logic and common sense (he's a burnt corpse that has been in the grave over a year now... but... um... vampires are in, is all I'm saying).

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Poor Deb, clearly the hottest guy on that show is her brother.
Isn't Jennifer Carpenter dating Michael C. Hall?

They've got such great chemistry, I must say...
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