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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

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I'm a very avid reader, especially of fiction, and will read just about anything provided it piques my interest even a little bit. I read and enjoyed the novels, although I realize that they certainly aren't for everyone. I saw and enjoyed the first movie, and went to see NM (by myself, something that I enjoy doing when I can, for some reason). I enjoyed it, but it definitely isn't going to appeal to every single person out there.
These books/movies are romances so it's understandble why they are such a hit with females. But if there weren't any vampires or werewolves I wouldn't have checked them out in the first place. Meyer's writing isn't great but she has created some cool characters like Carlisle and Alice.

As for the way that Summit has chosen to title the movie adaptations, I actually think it works, since it makes it clear - for those who haven't read the novels, but might have an interest in seeing it nonetheless - that it's part of a series. It's really no different than the Star Wars films, at least not IMO.
I don't mind. When the movie starts it's just titled New Moon. The clunky Twilight Saga is left off when the title card appears. I'd imagine they'll leave it out of the next movie too but still keep it in all the advertising. There will always be a few stupid people that need the word Twilight to be in the title to know what's it about.

To the person who compared Twilight to Eragon: Stephanie Meyer's writing talents might not be on the level of say, Stephen King, but they're infinitely better than Paolini's (I won't go into why I say that, because it's a topic for another day and another thread).
I was pretty surprised that the Twilight movie did so much better than Eragon. I guess vamps are more popular than fantasy these days.
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