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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Just doing a bit of editing on a previous post, since the 'editing' button is no longer there:

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*Elias Vaughn-Burt Reynolds

Give the guy a role he and work with, and he'll do wonders....
'Give the guy a role he can work with, and he'll do wonders....'

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^ I don't remember the episode, but she looks like I think Bacco looks.

The Kadohata photoshop was so much fun, I did another, this one of Captain Desai.

Damn, she is FOINE....!

*Parminder Nagra in a duty skirt and go-go boots*

Hello...Captain Desai....!

Waitaminute, doesn't Captain, die in the course of the first Vanguard novel?

Anywho,'re very talented...

The Trek universe is looking very Asian-female-centric suddenly...First Kadohata, now Desai...[I guess for some of us guys into Asian chicks that's cool....]

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