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Re: Is Fringe any good?

Wow you Battlestar fanatics really do hold a long grudge. I spoiled in total - one Battlestar thread,
one thread way back in the first week of May 2009 ...this was long after the show aired and long after dozens of spoilers were posted on the threads and across the whole net
Even though I only spoiled one thread I was immediately hounded and harassed by you insane Battlestar fans. Less than 48 hrs later I logon to see a bunch of battlestar fans throwing hissy fits, well I don't see them all because a lot of them were on my block list because of their trolling and fanboyism. I have no plan to be at constant war with these battlestar fans so in hindsight I thought spoiler tags would have been a good idea, so I PM'ed a Mod.
I think it might have been Neroon and asked the Moderator to delete my post.
Case closed, done, finito
No, another battlestar fan called Aragorn has to go and dig up some trivial crap that happened 7 months ago.
Welcome to my ignore list Aragorn, please don't bother responding to this message as I'm done with you.

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Tough to argue against the unimpressive beginning of the show, or with the technobabble expositions (which crop up more than they should). The show does get better, but its weakest aspects are the "cop procedural" elements. For me, the show generates just enough interest by way of its mythology and its characters (especially Walter) to justify calling it "entertaining." But I doubt Fringe will ever be mistaken as a great show like The Wire -- or even cutting edge like Dexter. It's possible, but Fringe will have to evolve quite a bit before that happens.
Fringe just leaves me unimpressed, I love the first season of Wire and I see why people watch that show. It has a tight written story arc, it develops well, the character development is well paced and the story moves brilliantly...maybe it also drags but so far I have loved The Wire. Can Fringe ever be as good as the first season of Wire?
hell no, but Fringe can be much better, tighter and better paced.
Dexter IMO is over rated, not half as dark, scary or funny as people hyped it to be.
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