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Re: Is Fringe any good?

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No, IMO the show is too long.
It has been on the air less than two seasons. How is that too long? We aren't talking a show that has run itself into the ground and has tapped into all it potential and is just grasping like TXF. Quite the opposite--I'd argue that its greatest failing is the fact that it hasn't tapped into its full potential yet choosing instead to rely on well worn formulaic drivel.
I got through a season of a half of Lost and then cursed the show, his Alias was even worse.
LOST does take some adjusting to. You really have to be dedicated and patient. So for the most part I don't mind having to wait years for a storyline to be resolved--it allows for much more depth, some interesting twists and turns and the exhilaration when the payoff finally occurs. As a big LOST fan I'll freely admit it there were periods that just dragged on with no answers, however, sticking with the show and enduring the prolonged wait for the payoffs so far has been well worth it. And in hindsight you can understand now why certain threads required to be pushed to the side and seemingly forgotten so the writers could introduce other threads that beautifully dovetail into one another and make so much sense in retrospect with everything else. Had they given us the answers too soon it would have spoiled the payoffs and answers that were to come.

Unlike TXF and other shows like The Dead Zone that really have no idea of where everything is ultimately going so they continuously add new freshly conceived elements leading to a messy drawn out unsatisfying arc LOST actually appears to have a vision guiding it.
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