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Re: Is Fringe any good?

No, IMO the show is too long. TOS Trek works because it was canceled in its Prime. I don't think JJ's style suits tv, he's more suited to movies not tv. I got through a season of a half of Lost and then cursed the show, his Alias was even worse. If Fringe interests you download a few of its best eps, the Arrival, Human Action, Fraction, the season pilot, the S1 finale...what ever gets 5 stars reviews or whatever ep is the top rated on the net. If it does not keep your attention then ditch it quick, life is too short to waste on bad tv. Personally I hate shows that drag on, most of them bored me to death and you can see how the writers trash shows, stretching them out trying to fit into that exclusive syndication club. The only long show I would recommend is Babylon 5 and that works because it has a really long complex series of story arcs and one of the best writers in the industry, DS9 works, its got the better actors, better fx but I think B5 was the shorter and sweeter package.
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