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Re: TV series on Blu-ray?

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Enterprise, on the other hand, has actually aired in full HD,

It will probably be the next, if not the only, Trek series to have this done
I agree. Paramount Home video will need something out for the Trek franchise before the next Star Trek XII cinema release in 2012. They would not release standard definition content on Blu-rays not do upconversion for a whole disc. The Tribbles episode was just as a favor to Trek fans to have all the Tribble material from 3 different series on one disc [TOS season 2 Blu-ray].

Commander Benjamin see these threads regarding the specific series and possible Blu-ray releases as nothing has been officially announced from CBS/Paramount Home video for any of the Trek series (other than TOS released in 2009):

Star Trek: Enterprise seasons Blu-ray spec. features wishlist

and the over 400 posts thread on TNG possible remastering
Star Trek TNG Remastered?

While it was not nearly as popular as TNG and probably would not happen you may be interested in these older threads:
Remaster the entire Voyager Series...........

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