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Re: Uniform colours- is there a system?

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For example, when Data was moved to first officer under Captain Jellico in "Chain of Command," he switched to the red/maroon uniform. But when he was placed in command of the Excalibur in "Redemption," he stays in gold.
Data assuming commnd of the Excaliber was a temporary assignment, on the other hand we didn't know if Jellico was ever going to leave.

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It was a huge WTF moment when Deanna Troi was promoted above Data in Thine Own Self.
As just a counselor, Deanna may have reached a rank 'glass ceiling', only by training as a bridge officer could she be promoted at all. We saw in Tapestry that a officer (Picard) can spend their entire career not being promoted. Also we don't know how long Deanna was a Lt. Commander.

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Marine should be in olive green,
Naw, that'd be too much like the gold color. Black would really stand out and look cool.
Marines should be khaki brown, like the current marines class B's, also have red piping (blood stripe) running down the outside of both uniform legs. Now that would be cool.
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