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Re: whole seasons of Farscape on netflix instant watch now

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I think even better than broadcast... no commercials, no annoying crawls in the corners or bottom or sides, no stupid animated characters running around the bottom of the screen advertising some other show...
Yeah, I was just talking strictly of picture quality. Honestly, most of them look just like I'm watching a DVD, but some are a little less good.

Lately, I've been having problem with audio and video not syncing up. It's weird.

I am really in love with Netflix streaming. The library is pretty big, granted not EVERYTHING is on it, but when you can get entire seasons of stuff like Farscape streamed anytime you want that's just pure and utter win.
It is pretty awesome. I'm a little confused about why certain things are available for streaming while others aren't, especially within the same series. (EX: I wanted to watch The Matrix the other day, but only the sequels are available instantly).
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