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Re: whole seasons of Farscape on netflix instant watch now

I think even better than broadcast... no commercials, no annoying crawls in the corners or bottom or sides, no stupid animated characters running around the bottom of the screen advertising some other show...

I am really in love with Netflix streaming. The library is pretty big, granted not EVERYTHING is on it, but when you can get entire seasons of stuff like Farscape streamed anytime you want that's just pure and utter win.

Been a couple of years since my local independent station aired Farscape, so its fun to be able to go through the episodes again. It really was a good show, I remember when I used to be in Federation Intelligence, the guy who ran it was an American who moved to Sydney (married an Aussie) and they used to brag about how awesome Farscape was compared to Trek. And how the cast and crew were sooo much more down to earth and respected the fans more than any Trek cast. They used to have annual picnics with local fans on the film lot.

I think Farscape is one of the few very Australian made shows that did as well pretty much everywhere. And how some parts of it have made its way into the lexicon. I utter Frell quite often LOL
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