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Re: Is Fringe any good?

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He may be the only thing worth watching on it, but aren't the young FBI agents (The Mulder/Scully clones) the supposed leads?
Walter, Peter and Olivia are the three leads. Walter is the heart of the show (his silent breakdown in the diner in 1x19 alone was award-worthy), and is one of the two or three very best characters on TV right now (up there with Gemma Morrow on Sons of Anarchy and Bobby Singer on Supernatural). Frankly, he is enough to hang the show on.

To say that Olivia and Peter are clones of the original leads of The X-Files is to do the show a disservice, though. Their vastly different backstories and worldviews are more than enough to differentiate them. Granted, it owes its origins to Carter's series, but has more in common with stories like Planetary.
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