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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

I'm a very avid reader, especially of fiction, and will read just about anything provided it piques my interest even a little bit. I read and enjoyed the novels, although I realize that they certainly aren't for everyone. I saw and enjoyed the first movie, and went to see NM (by myself, something that I enjoy doing when I can, for some reason). I enjoyed it, but it definitely isn't going to appeal to every single person out there.

As for the way that Summit has chosen to title the movie adaptations, I actually think it works, since it makes it clear - for those who haven't read the novels, but might have an interest in seeing it nonetheless - that it's part of a series. It's really no different than the Star Wars films, at least not IMO.

To the person who compared Twilight to Eragon: Stephanie Meyer's writing talents might not be on the level of say, Stephen King, but they're infinitely better than Paolini's (I won't go into why I say that, because it's a topic for another day and another thread).
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