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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

I got around to watching it with some people who wanted to see it. I haven't seen the first one.

Unremarkable and average. Hardly stomach turning, but I see very little merit as well. I do understand that it's basically the 'female equivalent' of dumb action movies, ie dumb romance movies, and from that standpoint it's fine I guess, I dunno. I found the romance scenes to just drag on and onnn and onnnn, with lots of looking down and up, with bad dialogue. The writing wasn't any shittier than your average Transformers-type movie, which is pretty faint praise I know.

The rare snippets of plot were fairly watchable, such as:

-Bella discovering the werewolves. That whole sequence and explanation was watchable.
-Sequence at the end with the Italian Voltaire guys

Yeah those were the best two parts.
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