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Re: IDW's Nero #4 - Minor Nitpicks/Minor Spoilers

In issue four, Nero says that he's thought about what to do with Spock for twenty five years...and that's what he came up with? Leaving Spock on a nearby planet to witness his homeworld's destruction? That plan seems like it could have been hatched in a few hours, a day at the most.
And that bit of dialogue is an example of what was so disappointing about the Nero miniseries. The creators could have developed the Nero character more fully, given the audience more insight into the villain's mindset. Instead we're treated to a comic's adaptation of the deleted scenes from the nuTrek DVD and (I agree totally with the previous posts) a shoe-horned V'ger cameo. The entire four issues seem like such an unfortunate missed opportunity.
I felt particular frustration with the fourth issue, in which the featured antagonist comes down with a wretched case of exposition diarrea. He explains the Borg tech to Spock, details his twenty-five-years-in-the-making revenge scheme (), and then tells his hated Vulcan adversary about the Federation outpost on Delta Vega (why he did so, I have no idea).
Nero even takes a break from his genocidal plot to personally give Spock-prime a warm coat to wear on the chilly planet below. Thoughtful, no? If only Khan were so considerate of Kirk's comfort level when stranding him in the Genesis cave...
The series answered a few nagging questions from the movie (Why didn't the Narada pursue the shuttlecrafts from the Kelvin? What were the Romulans up to for twenty five years before reappearing in the movie?) but in the end left me more puzzled about the Nero character's choices than ever.
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