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Re: Your worst injuries

I haven't had many injuries, but there are three that I can remember pretty well:

Age 7: I've had several surgeries on my legs as a result of my Cerebral Palsy. The objective of this surgery was to realign my hips and legs to keep my feet from turning in. I don't exactly remember what they did, but my parents have told me they cut my leg bones and completely reset them so they were straight. Recovery was absolutely brutal and I spent several weeks in agony, but the surgery did it's job.

Age 16: Tore up my knee pretty good. I have no idea how I did it, ut it hurt like hell.

Age 16: That summer, I was home making myself some soup and took the lid off faster than I should have and cut my finger. I didn't feel any pain, so I didn't realize that I had done something to it until I noticed that my lunch was turning red. So I twisted my arm, only to see my finger covered in blood. It was quite messy, but I ended up fine, but I do have a little scar as a permanent reminder. The most embarrassing part of the whole thing? It was my middle finger that got all the damage, so it looked like I was flicking everybody off every time I put on a new bandage.

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