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Re: is all that engineering & physics stuff true?

I had always noticed that the later years of TNG just had lines and lines of dialogue that didn't make a whole lot of sense. A made up science problem would be solved by another made up science solution.

There was endless technobabble that started around season 4 of TNG I think, and that was carried to some degree onto DS9 and then reached ridiculous proportions on VOY. There would be multpile VOY episodes that were absolute howlers due to the massive amounts of made of gobbledygook science. By the time of VOY I knew I had grown sick and tired of hearing about singularities, anomalies, tachyons and the word "isolytic".

It was just fucking too much.

"Hey look, Data finally found a way to stop that growing singularity with a recongifured subspace tachyon beam after he adjusted the particle emmiter in the isolytic chamber. Wow I would have never thought of that!"
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