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Re: Is Fringe any good?

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I caught the pilot for Fringe when it first aired and was severely underimpressed, so I passed on it. Maybe it gets better, maybe I should give it another chance (alternate universes? Mr. Spock? Sounds good to me) but the initial impression wasn't favourable at all. There was also some rather moronic technobabbly reason for the female lead to strip to her underwear, which, er, yeah.
Tough to argue against the unimpressive beginning of the show, or with the technobabble expositions (which crop up more than they should). The show does get better, but its weakest aspects are the "cop procedural" elements. For me, the show generates just enough interest by way of its mythology and its characters (especially Walter) to justify calling it "entertaining." But I doubt Fringe will ever be mistaken as a great show like The Wire -- or even cutting edge like Dexter. It's possible, but Fringe will have to evolve quite a bit before that happens.
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