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Re: Is Fringe any good?

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(Btw: Fringe's Metacritic score: 67. The Wire's: 98. )
Sure, a 98 for the incredibly acclaimed fourth season. You'll notice the lesser appreciated final season drops to an 89, and if the first season was listed it would be far lower. Many important critics panned The Wire during its first season.

Of course, Fringe still looks like an X-Files knock-off with a criminally wasted cast (Lance Reddick!) and no sense of mood to me. But I admit I haven't seen it at this point. Maybe if it lasts longer I'll give it a shot.

The Wire, in any event, is one of the finest television series ever made, if not the finest. It's not perfect (the second season could have been plotted better, and the final season suffers from a reduced episode order), but it's hard to beat.
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