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Re: Is Fringe any good?

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
You can't give tell someone not to watch something because it sounds like you've never seen it.
My mistake, pardner... I thought the free expression of ideas was encouraged on this board. (It's not as though I concealed my ignorance of the show in question.)

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
You do realize that The Wire is a "cop procedural" show, right?
From what I've read (I haven't seen it yet, but I intend to), it gives more or less equal time across its several seasons to the cops, the criminals, the school system, the local government and the media. If so, while the "cop" sections might have procedural elements, that hardly makes puts the overall show in that genre. To be as much of a procedural as The Wire, then, Fringe would have to give more or less equal time to several different factions, which above posters say only happens from time to time. Or am I not adequately informed?
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