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Our first blu-ray movie is . . .

. . . Star Trek, of course!

Hubby had me buy a blu-ray player as he had already bought the movie today (Black Friday). And I'M the ST fan in the family!

He also told me to hit Best Buy and get the 3 ST blu-ray movies that were $7.99 each. Again, I'm the ST fan--or I thought I was.

We decided to double-dip only when something in the film justifies it--like any ST film. I did also get "300." I think the guys' costumes alone justify it, but also for the action. Hubby thinks Lena Headey alone justifies it. Even enough, but I get more eye-candy.

This time the purchases coincided. We got our first dvd weeks before the player ("Moonstruck," a film we know practically by heart).
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