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Re: Is Fringe any good?

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I like Fringe, but it took me a while to really warm up to it. The show has done a very good job of presenting far-out scientific mysteries (teleportation and parallel universes, for example). Then again, unlike The X-Files, Fringe seems to avoid stories that involve spirits or occult phenomena. Not sure why that is.

The three main characters are a mixed bag. Dr. Walter Bishop is a great character. FBI agent Olivia Dunham is dull. Peter Bishop livens the show with his witty observations.
I agree with you. It did take a bit to warm up to it but the second half of season one really brought me in. Season 2 has been good overall with a couple of lesser eps. The ash effect blew me away, so to speak.

Walter is a hoot! And I like the locations being around my area. Some people at work recognized one of the buildings in Worcester and thought that was pretty neat.

I'm enjoying it.
I've read that the production has moved to old reliable Vancouver, British Columbia effective Season 2. It's too bad, but they wanted to save money.
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