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Re: Your worst injuries

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
I hope it knocked a lot more than "some" common sense in you.
We'll be able to tell how much exactly, by the time it takes for me to make another stupid oversight.

ThePlumsofWrath wrote: View Post

Is this an example of Darwinism?
Yes, I survived, therefore I'm the fittest.

Really though, I dunno why I rode and fiddled. I usually stop for such things. It's not like I was doing it the entire 20 min. ride home, so that it was bound to happen. I took it out for a couple seconds to check whether I had a band in there.. Bad luck the guy popped out at the exact same moment, but it may be better it happened early on in my carless career, before I started getting even more courageous with bicycle antics.
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