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Re: Your worst injuries

My god. After reading all of the posts here, especially Blood and String's, mine are nothing.

Worst injury was the second time I broke my nose. I got into a fight in high school and decided it would be a good thing to take on two guys twice my size. I ended up getting face-planted into a cinder block wall. It broke my nose horizontally in two places and also split it up the middle to the base of my brow bone. One of the horizontal fractures went all the way into my left occipital bone. I also tore the cartilage in the end of my nose loose and collapsed several sinus cavities. I was a mess for about two months and I still have issues with it. (But I refuse to have the "nose job" that would fix it.) But I have to admit it was worth it. No one ever called me a faggot again, even in college. I wear it as a badge of honor. The queer fought back and almost won. (I also still have the scars on my knuckles where I knocked out the front teeth of one of the guys.)

The only other really bad one (and I do have a few including both my knees) was when I mangled my right shoulder five years ago. I was up on a ladder hanging a very large, very expensive picture in a house I was decorating when the hanging wire broke. Instinct kicked in and I decided to catch this 85lb piece of artwork before it shattered on the floor. Needless to say I saved the piece but managed to tear several ligaments, muscles and my rotator cuff. To this day I can't raise my right arm straight out from my side or over my head without some excruciating pain. But unlike my nose, I plan on having it fixed. It kills me when it rains or gets cold.
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