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Re: Your worst injuries

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I'm saddened to here of these injuries; again, I hope no-one has suffered too much trauma over them.
Just my dignity. The only one that occasionally still gets me is the ankle--I think it's weaker than the other ankle so I have to watch how I walk.

As far as most embarrassing injury, I only got skinned knees as far as actual damage, but here's the story.

I was wrapping this woman's package (I worked at a shipping center), and I'd just got done asking her if it was fragile. Well, I come back around the corner to process it, and I couldn't see the ground for the package, and I tripped over a low-lying cart. I flipped all the way over the cart and the box went flying. The customers saw this and some of my fellow employees.

God, I was SO embarrassed!
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