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Re: One bigass ret-Khan they would need to do...

I throw my hat in with the 'no Khan in Nuverse' clan.

Been there, done that, we don't need to see that character again at all. Tell his story in Novels and/or comics.

TO: Kurtzman/Orci PLEASE don't waste screen time rehashing OU stories!!! (<going in sig! feel free to duplicate!)

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Abrams can't mess with Khan too much, since his reboot doesn't "start" until the destruction of the Kelvin. Anything before that should be the same as in the prime timeline, Khan included.
I may be off topic but I just had to say, IMO, this bit about the new timeline being the same as up to the Kelvin violates my presumed spirit the new PTB intended for the Nuverse.

I believe a major point being made in Parallels, (and one I want to hope the writers perceived as I did) is that all AU's are just that; alternate. They were all started at the same time as the PT and grew their separate ways, which may be eerily the same or grossly different. Every person or thing occurs in every Universe but events can play out entirely different in each one.

Odo lived in one but died in another. The Enterprise was the O'l Girl in TOS, she is the Nu' Girl in the Nu.

A Khan remake would, even if successful & IMO, only serve to indicate they had nothing else of value to add to their baby, Star Trek was only a 'one hit wonder'.
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