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Re: Is Fringe any good?

It is a highly erratic show with regards to quality--it is very hit-or-miss. Its first half of season one was not very good. Their plots of the week tend to be very derivative and not very interesting. If you like weird standalones The X-Files wins hands down. Also even for a sci-fi show the explanations for a lot of what is going on comes across more as mumbo-jumbo. And the shows have this bad habit of giving everything away in the teaser forcing us to sit through the investigation rather than discovering the answers right alongside the characters.

The characters are pretty bland too. About the only thing I can recommend about the show is the series mythology--when the show focuses on it that is when it is the most entertaining. Thankfully due to that fact its second half is much stronger.

Season two so far eight episodes in has been like its first half in season one--too many boring standalones. The only three episodes I really enjoyed--no surprise--centered on the mythology--at least there you might not be too invested in the characters but can enjoy the mystery and trying to figure out what is going on and how it fits into the Big Picture.

I give it a guarded recommendation solely for the mythology. It wants to be a cross between TXF and LOST but never comes close to being as good as either. It is pretty middle of the road fare.
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