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Re: Your worst injuries

Wacked myself in the head with a prybar.... Pry AWAY from yourself ALWAYS.

Spattered by hot liquid nylon when a press malfucntioned, John got the worst of it I "only" had to have my left shoulder scraped, he ended up with burns over 50% of his body.

Various pinches, cuts, slivers of metal, burns, gouges... nothing major and thanks to modern medicine very few scars.

Worst accident knocked me out and caused some mental failure I'm missing a few weeks of time. Got up, went to work, something something something in hospital honestly can't recall what happened. THEY tell me I was alert and talking and moving around but for some reason nothing got recorded between July 6 and July 23rd 2000.

Not quite as bad as getting run over by a lawnmower, dying and then undying though.
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